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Back in 1990, a garbage can disc tournament was started. Years later, the popular "Instant Win" slot was incorporated and the garbage cans were replaced with plastic goals in order to create KanJam! The original tournament, which is now known as the KanJam World Championship, has been the foundation for many KanJam tournaments and leagues.


Approximately 100+ teams compete in the KanJam World Championship each year for the coveted title of KanJam World Champions.

Major Tournaments

There are two major KanJam tournaments - the KanJam World Championship (outdoor) and KanJam Klassic (indoor). For each tournament, the winner is awarded with the "Hammer" trophy and is recognized with a major KanJam title.


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World Championship


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2016 Results

Matteson Brothers
2016 KanJam World Champions
Matteson Brothers
Austin Matteson & Connor Matteson

New World Champions crowned!

Brothers claim their first KanJam World title

Without a question, the 2016 KanJam World Championship marked the toughest weather conditions in the history of the tournament, and was no doubt the windiest year ever. Officially, 90 teams hailing from 12 different states, Canada, and Europe (The Netherlands) competed on August 13th. They battled the extreme heat and super windy conditions for...

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2016 Results

Matteson Brothers
2016 KanJam Klassic Champions
Matteson Brothers
Connor Matteson & Austin Matteson

Youngest Klassic Champs!

Matteson Brothers claim their first major title

The 13th annual KanJam Klassic featured a star-studded field, including players from seven of the top 10 teams in last year's World Championship. A total of 27 teams participated in the 2016 KanJam Klassic on Saturday, May 7th, which was once again held indoors at Sportplex in North Tonawanda, NY.

In just their second Klassic, Matteson...

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There's always next year...

August 14th, 2016 by KanJam League

Did you miss out on the 2016 KanJam World Championship this year? If so, we'd love to have you in 2017!

The KanJam World Championship always takes place on the second Saturday in August in each year. The 2017 KanJam World Championship will take place on Saturday, August 12th, 2017. Mark your calendars and save the date to take part in KanJam history! More details regarding the 2017 KanJam World Championship will be posted online in spring of 2017. Registration usually ends about two weeks before the tournament date so the organizers have enough time to prepare items for the tournament. Hope to see you there!


Week 2

Week 2 - First Place
13-3 record
Sean McManus & Eric Klavoon

12/3/2016 (Season 12)

Sean & Eric win tie for first place

For the first time ever, a total of 14 teams competed in league, marking the second largest league night to date. Sean McManus & Eric Klavoon tied in record at 13-3 with Josh Greenauer & Phil Schneider, but Sean & Eric won their head-to-head game to claim first place. For Sean, it is his...

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