2018 KanJam Klassic


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Proceeds will benefit North Tonawanda Police Athletic League

This is the 15th annual tournament!

Tournament previously known as the "KanJam Winter Klassic"


Tournament Details

  • DATE: Saturday, April 28th, 2018
  • TIME: 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm (Team check-in is from 4:15 pm to 4:30 pm while the field is set up)
  • PLACE: Sportsplex in North Tonawanda, NY
  • COST: $30 per team - proceeds will benefit the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League
  • DEADLINE: Registration deadline is April 25th, 2018 or once 48 teams have been reached, whichever comes first











Registered Teams

Maps to Sportsplex

90 Ridge Rd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

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Team Registration

Deadline is 4/25/2018!

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Online registration can be completed with a credit or debit card by clicking on the button above. Payments are processed securely and Player 1 will receive email confirmation along with the tournament details after submitting. Registered teams will also be posted at the bottom of this page. Please keep all team names clean to avoid any edits.

Update to registration - You can now log-in and have all your info prefilled from prior tournaments, taking only seconds to complete the team registration! It just takes a one-time set up in conjunction with the email address used for registering in the past (from 2016 or 2017). Just click Manage My Account to claim your account. This section will also allow you to edit any information anytime up to the registration deadline on your own (change a team name, edit partner's info, etc). In addition to being 100% mobile compatible so you can do it right from your phone, those that wish to register multiple teams with the same card can also do so by adding another team to the form before submitting.

All registrations are final and no refunds will be issued. Teams that do not show up for the tournament forfeit any giveaway items and the registration fee will be donated to charity.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 (until midnight), or 48 teams total, whichever comes first. Please be sure to register your team as soon as possible to save a spot in this annual event!

Included with the $30 team registration fee:

• Entry into the tournament for your team
• A 15th annual tournament KanJam can sticker for each player!
• KanJam fun for 4+ hours indoors (with no wind!)
• Donation to the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League
• Chance to win one of a few small prizes that will be given away (if present at the end of the tournament).

Tournament can stickers


2018 Klassic Champions

  • Will be recognized as official KanJam Klassic Champions (major title)
  • Free team entry into the 2018 KanJam World Championship in August (approx $60 value)
  • As per tradition, they will also take home the Klassic "hammer trophy" and are able to carve their team name and year onto the handle.
  • Gift card of choice for each player

Final four teams

  • All players that make the final four will receive a collectible 2018 KanJam Klassic custom medal with display case to keep.
  • More gift cards!

Other teams

  • There will be random drawing prizes (all teams present at the end of the tournament will be eligible)
  • This includes some KanJam swag and gift cards

2018 KanJam Klassic medals


Proceeds from the 2018 KanJam Klassic will benefit:

North Tonawanda Police Athletic League

The North Tonawanda Police Athletic League (N.T.P.A.L.) supports organizations and activities that encourage youth participation in sports, music, academics, and more. N.T.P.A.L. provides donations to any local group that has financial need to cover expenses for equipment, uniforms, travel, or anything that allows them to participate in their activity.

Over the years, the North Tonawanda Police Athletic League has supported the following youth organizations:

  • N.T.H.S. Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Volleyball
  • N.T.H.S. Marching Band
  • North Tonawanda High School Science Club
  • N.T. Babe Ruth Little League Baseball
  • N.T.A.A. Little League Football and Cheerleading
  • N.T. Recreational League Girls Softball
  • N.T.H.S. Yearbook Committee
  • N.T.H.S. Pre-Prom Breakfast
  • North Tonawanda Sr. Class Picnic

Additionally, N.T.P.A.L. provides a $500.00 scholarship to (2) two high school seniors every year.

NT Police logo

North Tonawanda Police

The North Tonawanda Police Athletic League has been involved in KanJam tournaments since 2002, and have been a major contributer in the KanJam World Championship for 15 years. We are pleased to help them out for this year's Klassic, and your support is greatly appreciated!


We need your help! In order to run a successful event, there are costs involved. This includes rental fees, registration processing fees, and prizes. With your help, we will be able to offset these costs and ultimately raise more money for this cause. We will post sponsor logos and link to a website here.

Become a sponsor

Team Check-In

Team check-in is from 4:15 pm to 4:30 pm while the field is being set up. Teams should plan on arriving no later than 4:15 pm. The tournament will start promptly at 4:30 pm. Once you have arrived at Sportsplex, enter the facility through the main entrance. While inside, walk into the lobby check-in your team at the table.


The KanJam Klassic tournament first took place at Sportsplex back in 2004, where Sole Survivors captured the first Klassic title. The 2018 tournament will mark the sixth Klassic at this facility. Sportsplex is a multi-sport indoor facility in North Tonawanda, NY, featuring two large artificial turf fields. Thanks goes out to the staff at Sportsplex for working with KanJam League to hold the KanJam Klassic! For more information regarding Sportsplex, visit their website at www.sportsplexinc.com.


Tournament Format

One of the great aspects of this tournament is that this is not a simple bracket. All teams will get to play at least 10-15 games of KanJam in Regular Season play. Depending on the total number of teams, the overall field will be broken up into two divisions. If there are 30 total teams, for example, that would mean 15 teams per division. This would equate to 14 Regular Season games for each team.

After every team has completed their schedule of games, team folders will be collected and the top teams from each division will qualify for the playoffs. This number will depend on the total number of teams. From that point on, a bracket will be established within each division, with the top seed playing the bottom seed throughout the playoffs. Playoffs will either be best of five or best of seven game series. Once it comes down to just one team from each division, those teams will square off in the Finals to crown a champion.

Go to Klassic Champions page

Tournament Rules

Since this is a major KanJam tournament, we will follow all the official KanJam rules. Like last year, we will no longer provide printed copies of tournament and official rules for every team, which will reduce our printing cost in effort to raise more money for charity. Instead, we have made a handy, mobile-friendly Tournament Guide, which includes all tournament rules, as well as the full list of official KanJam rules. To make it easy to find a rule, you can just click on a button which will take you right to that section! This page has been customized to work on any mobile device. Just save the link for use at the tournament. The direct link is kanjamleague.com/2018 or you can click on the screenshot.

Also, because there have been some key changes to the official KanJam rules since they were first written (especially the Release Rule), we also included a list at the bottom of all the changes made. All the official rules listed on this page are up-to-date, so players will have easy access to every possible ruling in one location. We encourage all teams participating in the tournament to review the rules in this guide beforehand so that everyone is on the same page and familiar with them.

Tournament Guide

We ask that teams do not bring their own coolers inside. Drinks will be available for purchase from vending machines in the main lobby of the facility. However, there will be no problem with bringing a bottle of water or sports drink with you. Also, cleats are not allowed on the artificial turf, so please wear the appropriate footwear.

Video highlights from previous tournaments

2017 KanJam Klassic - Finals
2017 video courtesy of KanJam League.

2017 KanJam Klassic - Playoffs
2017 video courtesy of KanJam League.

2017 KanJam Klassic - Regular Season
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Registered Teams

Teams listed below are fully paid and registered for the tournament. For a full list (including player names, city, state/province, and country), please click on the full list button. Please note it can take up to 5 minutes for your team to appear here after registering.

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