Buffalo, NY League

This is the first ever organized KanJam league, which started back in 2005. The league takes place indoors during the fall/winter in Buffalo, NY. In this league, it is a random-draw format, meaning that all players will be paired up randomly with a different partner each week, with a sole player taking home the league championship at the end of the season.

2017-2018 Season
Season #13 of the Buffalo, NY KanJam League

The 2017-2018 campaign marks the 13th season! Because of the limitation on space, spots are only available to returning players. If there is room, additional spots will be opened up. For league dates, please go to the Schedule section.

For any other league questions, please go to the full Rules page. Everything is explained in detail in this section.


Week 6

Week 6 - First Place
14-2 record
Matt Lafferty & Connor Matteson

1/13/2018 (Season 13)

Matt and Connor dominate

After winning their first 14 games of the night, Matt Lafferty & Connor Matteson came close to perfect night, but ultimately fell in an epic battle in their 15th game (more on that later). Still, they put up an impressive 14-2 record to lock up first place in Week 6. This was the first top finish this season...

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