Top players

Here is a ranking of the top players overall in all seasons of the Buffalo, NY KanJam League. Updated after Season 12 (2016-2017). Players ranked by winning % (at least 60 weeks played - only those that have played enough weeks are listed). Point system was different for Season 1 & 2, and was changed for Season 3 and on. Click or tap on a column heading once or twice to sort by different categories! Type a name into the Filter box to view stats for a specific player.

RankPlayerTotal PointsWeeks PlayedGames PlayedWLWinning %Instant WinsPerfect GamesOT GamesOT WinsOT Losses
1Eric Klavoon3118135216815735950.7263197556348208
2Josh Greenauer2936130208814426460.6918149584337247
3Jon Sandino1089609606483120.675484300167133
4Bob Greenauer2778129207113257460.6405132542279263
5Phil Schneider18778814118895220.630168400227173
6TJ Burns10546510406154250.591764304160144
7Dan Klavoon16957211586714870.579841283158125
8Adam Williams10537311686225460.533658336178158
9Scott Silverman192411818879958920.527783476241235
10Tim Klavoon210510416718708010.5211653397205192
11Kim Klavoon179111318098929170.493841455229226
12Dana Misenheimer22981312104101110930.4811565517214303
13Alex Reinecke10058213126107020.465729335160175
14Bob Bowers12717912675497180.433328268125143