Final Results

2013-2014 Buffalo, NY KanJam League Champion
Eric Klavoon
121-55 record

2013-2014 (Season 9)

Six in a row! Eric Klavoon wins league title for the sixth straight year

The Buffalo, NY random draw KanJam League, the first ever organized KanJam league, concluded their ninth season (2013-2014). At the end, it was a very familiar face that walked away as league champion. After taking over first place overall after Week 7, Eric Klavoon held on to the lead in the remaining weeks to clinch his sixth consecutive league title and seventh title overall in the nine year history of the league. Mirroring last season's change, every player randomly drew a different player each week, ensuring that no two players would get paired up twice over the course of the season. With his 11 random partners, Eric led the league in many categories, including overall points (182), wins (121), winning percentage (.688), perfect games (27), and first place finishes (4).

Josh Greenauer had a great season, locking up second place overall and recording second best in wins and tying for second best in perfect games. He also led the league in overtime categories and had three first place finishes. Behind him was Bob Greenauer, finishing in the top five yet again in third place, including three first place finishes in a four-week span at one point in the season.

There was a very tight race heading into the final league night in Week 11 for fourth and fifth place overall, with just three points separating four players. Dana Misenheimer and TJ Burns tied in points at 133 after the last week. Because they both did not play the same number of weeks, head-to-head record against each other for the season was the tiebreaker. Dana had a record of 8-7 in games against TJ, giving him the fourth place spot overall. For Dana, it is his first top five finish in the league. Even with missing a few weeks, TJ was very impressive to still land the fifth place spot overall and also had two first place finishes on the season.

Top 5
Top 5
#1 Eric Klavoon, #2 Josh Greenauer, #3 Bob Greenauer, #4 Dana Misenheimer, & #5 TJ Burns

Of all the players in the league this season, only Eric Klavoon and Josh Greenauer recorded 100 wins or more. For Eric, he has a streak of 120 or more wins in all nine seasons of the league. As for Josh, this is the eighth time in the nine seasons of league he recorded 100 wins or more. In fact, on Week 1, he joined Eric by recording his 1,000th career league win. Later in the season, Bob Greenauer also reached 1,000 career league wins.

For the second straight year, Scott Silverman barely missed the top five, this time by just one point, ending the season in 6th place overall. Below him was Alex Reinecke in 7th place, marking his best overall finish ever. Brian Schultz also had his best finish, taking the 8th place spot, while Phil Schneider ended in 9th place.

Since three players all tied in points for the last spot in the top 10 and played a different number a weeks, a three-way head-to-head record was determined in order to rank these players. They were Jon Sandino, Kim Daugherty, and Derek Schultz. Jon recorded the best record against both, with a record of 8-4 in games against Kim and a record of 11-4 in games against Derek, giving him the 10th place spot.

Eric Klavoon broke the single-season record in perfect games, throwing 27 on the season. Of his 11 partners, Eric managed to throw at least one perfect game with nine of them. Coincidentally, he also had the prior record of 22 perfect games back in the 2009-2010 season. The next closest was 14 perfect games thrown, and this was done by both Josh Greenauer and TJ Burns. Dana Misenheimer and Scott Silverman were closely behind them, both throwing 13 perfect games. Without a question, the highlight of the season happened on Week 4, when Eric Klavoon & Scott Silverman set a new league record for the most perfect games thrown in a single league night. Of the 16 total games played, they threw seven perfect games, and this is the new mark to beat. Overall, of the 27 total players, the top 23 players all managed to throw at least one perfect game on the season.

Group shot
2013-2014 Buffalo, NY KanJam League
Season 9
(Not all players shown)

Unlike the previous season, there were not many Instant Wins thrown. In fact, there was only eight total Instant Wins thrown on the season. Dana Misenheimer and Jon Sandino tied for the lead in this category, each throwing two Instant Wins on the season. Other Instant Wins were thrown by Scott Silverman, Bob Bowers, Kenny Campbell, and Josh Bewley.

For the second straight year, Josh Greenauer led the league in total overtime games played with 67, with Bob Greenauer (63), Eric Klavoon (62), Alex Reinecke (57), and Derek Schultz (57) to follow. Josh also posted the most overtime wins with 42, while Adam Williams had the best overtime winning percentage at .634. On Week 5, two teams set a new league record with 11 overtime games played in a single week. These teams were Bob Greenauer & Alex Reinecke and Eric Klavoon & Josh Greenauer. The longest games of the season happened on Week 3 and Week 7. On Week 3, Tim Klavoon & Matt Nelson defeated Dana Misenheimer & Scott Silverman in six overtime rounds. In another game decided by six overtime rounds, Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns defeated Scott Silverman & Derek Schultz.

There were still no undefeated performances, and there hasn't been a perfect week in 45 weeks of league, dating back to Season 5 (2009-2010), where Eric Klavoon & Scott Silverman went perfect at 16-0 on Week 10. However, Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns were very close when they went 15-1 on Week 7, tossing six perfect games as well. It was one win shy of the best performance ever, and it was without a doubt the most dominant week of this season. Tim Klavoon & Matt Nelson also posted a 15-1 record on Week 3, tossing one perfect game in the mix.

A total of 27 players participated throughout the season, including subs. Once again, the APEX made for another great indoor KanJam experience, and special thanks goes out to Kenny Campbell for helping make that possible.


Wins: Eric Klavoon 121
Winning %: Eric Klavoon 0.688
Instant Wins: Dana Misenheimer
Jon Sandino
Perfect Games: Eric Klavoon 27
OT Games Played: Josh Greenauer 67
OT Wins: Josh Greenauer 42
OT Winning %: Adam Williams 0.634
First Place Finishes Eric Klavoon 4