Final Results

2014-2015 Buffalo, NY KanJam League Champion
Jon Sandino
118-42 record

2014-2015 (Season 10)

New league champion! Jon Sandino is the champ in milestone season

It was a milestone year for the Buffalo, NY KanJam League, as they celebrated their 10th season (2014-2015). For the first time in over six seasons, there is a new league champion! With just a five point lead over second place heading into the final week, it was a battle right to the finish. At the end of the final league night, Jon Sandino was crowned as league champion, becoming the 4th player to win the league title. He was without a question the most consistent player all season, recording seven second place finishes, as well as one first place finish in Week 9. Jon led the league in many categories, including overall points (199), wins (118 - tie), perfect games (18), overtime games played (49), and overtime wins (25 - tie).

For the league, this marked the first season with two drop weeks (for points), which made for a very close finish among the top 10. As with the prior seasons, the format was kept the same, as every player was randomly paired with a new partner each week. There was also a group of nine new regular players who joined this season, and another nine more new players that came to play as subs.

For the second year in a row, Josh Greenauer finished in second place. Josh had the highest winning percentage of any player, and was second in wins and perfect games. He also had a total of four first place finishes. After a run of six consecutive league championships, dating back to Season 4, Eric Klavoon's streak has ended, as he finished in third place. Eric tied with Jon in total wins, and he also led the league with five first place finishes.

Adam Williams had a great season, finishing in fourth place overall, which included two top finishes. He ended the season strong, going 26-6 with eight perfect games in the last two weeks. For the final spot in the top five, it really came down to one series on the final night. After having barely missed the top five in each of the last two seasons, Scott Silverman beat out TJ Burns by just one point to claim fifth place overall. Their series against each other on the final night was the deciding factor, as Scott won both games against TJ to move up the ladder.

Top 5
Top 5
#1 Jon Sandino, #2 Josh Greenauer, #3 Eric Klavoon, #4 Adam Williams, & #5 Scott Silverman

A total of four players recorded 100 wins or more, and it was the top four overall. Jon Sandino and Eric Klavoon tied with 118 wins, which led the league. This was Jon's second season with 100 or more wins, and his personal best. While this season marked his lowest win total (118), Eric Klavoon is the only player to have 100+ wins in all 10 seasons of the league. Josh Greenauer had 107 wins, and has had 100 wins or more in nine out of ten seasons. For Adam Williams, this marks his first season with at least 100 wins, finishing this season with 105 victories. Scott Silverman was as close as you can get, ending the season one shy with 99 wins.

TJ Burns had two first place weeks, ending the season in sixth place, just one point shy of another top five finish. Only two points behind TJ was Bob Greenauer in seventh place, who actually had the same exact win-loss record as TJ as well. Bob also had one first place finish this season. Sarah Burns was right up there all season, along with two first place weeks, to take eighth place. Alex Reinecke made the top ten for the second year in a row, while newcomer Erik Arneth placed 10th in his first season. On another note, with 61 weeks now played, Alex Reinecke moves up into the top ten all-time list.

In the perfect games category, Jon Sandino led with 18 total perfect games, having thrown at least one with eight different partners. Josh Greenauer was next best with 15, while both Eric Klavoon and Adam Williams threw 13. Scott Silverman also broke the double-digit barrier with 10 perfect games. While there weren't any record breaking weeks this season, there were a few teams that threw as many as four perfect games in one league night, and they were: Eric Klavoon & Josh Greenauer (Week 8), Adam Williams & Josh Greenauer (Week 10), and Jon Sandino & Adam Williams (Week 11). Out of the 36 total players this season, 20 of them threw at least one perfect game, including everyone in the top 16.

Group shot
2014-2015 Buffalo, NY KanJam League
Season 10
(Not all players shown)

There was a surge in the total of Instant Wins thrown, in comparison to last season's total of just eight. A total of 26 Instant Wins were thrown, which is the most since Season 2 of the league. There was a tie for the league lead this season, and it was between two new players, Tom Iak and Trevor Trethewey. In fact, all three of Trevor's Instant Wins came in one league night on Week 3, coming just one short of tying the most in a single league night set back in Season 5 by Steve Grudzinski (4). Four other players threw two Instant Wins, and they were Jon Sandino, Erik Arneth, Jeff Clemo, and Amanda Conlin. Twelve more threw one Instant Win this season.

The most overtime games played was by Jon Sandino with 49, followed by Adam Williams (44), Alex Reinecke (43), Erik Arneth (43), and Sarah Burns (40). There was a three-way tie for the most overtime wins with 25 between Jon Sandino, Adam Williams, and Sarah Burns. Next best was Eric Klavoon and Scott Silverman with 23, and Erik Arneth with 22 overtime wins. Without a question, the top player in overtime games was Tom Iak, who posted an impressive .704 overtime winning percentage (19-8). The most overtime games played in one week was by Jeff Clemo & Phil Schneider, who played in 10 overtime games out of their 16 total games in Week 10. This was just one overtime game shy of the single week record of 11 set last season by both Bob Greenauer & Alex Reinecke and Eric Klavoon & Josh Greenauer. The longest game of the season took a total of six overtime rounds to decide, and it came in a game between Matt Lafferty & Dana Misenheimer and Bob Greenauer & Tim Klavoon in Week 3. Matt & Dana won the battle to earn the hard fought victory.

Two weeks this season had a tiebreaker game or shootout to determine first place. In Week 2, Eric Klavoon & Sarah Burns defeated Matt Nelson & Scott Silverman in a tiebreaker game for first place after both teams tied at 13-3. Also, in Week 4, there was a three-way tie at 12-4 for first place. Eric Klavoon & Derek Schultz ultimately won the shootout, beating out TJ Burns & Scott Silverman and Sarah Burns & Bob Greenauer.

And yes, the undefeated streak continues, as no team went undefeated this season. As the competition gets better, this streak will only get tougher to break. It has now been 56 weeks and over five seasons since the last perfect night, which was last done by Eric Klavoon & Scott Silverman in Week 10 of Season 5 with a 16-0 record (2009-2010). The closest this season was by Eric Klavoon & Josh Greenauer in Week 8, as they went 15-1 with four perfect games, losing their only game to Adam Williams & Trevor Trethewey. This was still the best performance of the season, and the only 15-1 week. Other great pairups were Erik Arneth & Eric Klavoon (14-2), Jon Sandino & Scott Silverman (14-2), and Adam Williams & Josh Greenauer (14-2).

This season was a huge success, and could not have been possible without the dedication of players, both new and old. With an average of nearly 11 teams (21 players) every night, this set a league record for the most overall total KanJam games played with 952! The previous best was 880 total KanJam games played (Season 5 & 8). Without a doubt, the APEX has provided an amazing setting for the Buffalo, NY indoor KanJam league, which was the fourth season at this great facility. Special thanks goes out to Erik Arneth for helping week after week.


Wins: Jon Sandino
Eric Klavoon
Winning %: Josh Greenauer 0.743
Instant Wins: Tom Iak
Trevor Trethewey
Perfect Games: Jon Sandino 18
OT Games Played: Jon Sandino 49
OT Wins: Jon Sandino
Adam Williams
Sarah Burns
OT Winning %: Tom Iak 0.704
First Place Finishes Eric Klavoon 5