Final Results

2015-2016 Buffalo, NY KanJam League Champion
Eric Klavoon
125-51 record

2015-2016 (Season 11)

Eric Klavoon back on top as league champion for the 8th time

In what will go down as the closest finish ever in league history, it came right down to the end of the final week to determine the champion of the 11th season (2015-2016) for the Buffalo, NY KanJam League. Heading into the final night, last season's champion, Jon Sandino held a three point lead over Austin Matteson and Eric Klavoon. By the end, only one point separated all three players. After both tying in record at 11-5 in the final week, it literally came down to Eric vs Austin in overtime, with Eric's team winning 6-4 in order to win the head-to-head tie and ultimately the league title for the 8th time. Austin and Jon tied in points, but Austin finished with two more wins than Jon to finish as runner-up.

The nailbiter finish can be contributed to the dedication and talent of all the players this season, both new and old, making for a fun and competitive year. This was the second season utilizing two drop weeks (for points), and the same format of random partners each week made for great matchups. Seven new regular players joined the league this season, and another seven new players came in to fill in as subs. And let's not forget the dedicated returning players, including six originals that have played in all 11 seasons (Eric Klavoon, Dana Misenheimer, Josh Greenauer, Bob Greenauer, Tim Klavoon, and Phil Schneider).

Eric Klavoon finished the year strong, never once holding first place in the overall standings, but making a comeback from 6th place to 1st place in the final few weeks to land the title. He tied with Austin Matteson for the league lead in perfect games with 21, and also tied with three others with three first place finishes along the way. He also led the league with an impressive .717 overtime winning percentage.

This was Austin Matteson's first season, and a great one, finishing in second place and nearly missing the league championship by one throw, and quite literally. He was one of the most consistent players all season, racking up 11 wins or more in all but one week, including two top finishes (back-to-back in Week 6 & 7), and four second place finishes. Jon Sandino came as close as you can get to repeating as league champ, just one point back and finishing in third place in another great season. He recorded three top finishes, which were also the best three performances of the season. In addition, Jon tied with Josh Greenauer for the most overtime wins at 39.

Connor Matteson, younger brother of Austin, landed fourth place in his first season. He also put up three top finishes during the season, including one on the final night. And in the battle for the final spot in the top five, Josh Greenauer tied with Bob Greenauer at 191 points. Since they both played a different amount of weeks, the tie was broken by head-to-head play against each other duing the course of the season. Josh put up a record of 6-5 in games against Bob, landing him fifth place overall. Josh had one top finish and three second place finishes, and also tied for the league lead in Instant Wins (4) and overtime wins (39).

Top 5
Top 5
#1 Eric Klavoon, #2 Austin Matteson, #3 Jon Sandino, #4 Connor Matteson, & #5 Josh Greenauer

There were a total of seven players that reached 100 wins or more, tying a record for the most in a season (2008-2009, Season 4). Austin Matteson led with 127 wins, followed by Eric Klavoon and Jon Sandino, each with 125 wins. For Eric, he has acheived this feat in all 11 seasons, while this marked the 3rd 100+ season for Jon. Connor Matteson put up 119 wins, while Bob Greenauer recorded 109 wins (8th time). Josh Greenauer ended the season with 107 wins for his 10th time, while Scott got just enough wins in the final week to join the club at 101 wins for his 2nd time. Just missing this group was Alex Reinecke at 99 wins, which would have marked his first 100-win season.

Bob Greenauer just missed the top five after losing head-to-head against Josh Greenauer, but secured 6th place overall, including three top finishes within a span of just four weeks. Scott Silverman was the hottest player at the end of the season, ending with two first place finishes and one second place finish. With a strong end to the season, he propelled himeself into 7th overall. Despite missing the first two weeks of the season, Adam Williams fought back to land a spot in the top 10 in 8th place overall, while Alex Reinecke ended in 9th. Lastly, Phil Schneider just beat out Kim Klavoon by two points to secure the final spot in the top 10, even with missing three weeks of league.

The most perfect games thrown this season were by both Eric Klavoon and Austin Matteson, each throwing a total of 21 on the season. Next best was Connor Matteson with 20 perfect games, followed by Jon Sandino with 18 and Bob Greenauer with 16. In addition to this being a record season in terms of the overall total number of perfect games thrown with 109, a record of 28 players threw at least one perfect game on the season, including everyone in the top 18. The league record for the most perfect games in one night was not broken (7), but there were four teams that threw five perfect games in one night, and they were: Bob Greenauer & Eric Klavoon (Week 3), Austin Matteson & Connor Matteson (Week 6), Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino (Week 8), and Connor Matteson & Scott Silverman (Week 9). A league record was also set for the total most perfect games thrown in one league night, and this was done on Week 8 with a league total of 15 perfect games thrown.

Group shot
2015-2016 Buffalo, NY KanJam League
Season 11
(Not all players shown)

This was also a record season for Instant Wins, breaking the prior record from Season 2. In the final week of the season, two Instant Wins were thrown to raise the season record to 32. There were three players that tied for the league lead with four Instant Wins, and they were: Josh Greenauer, TJ Burns, and Trevor Trethewey. For these players especially, many of their Instant Wins were over-the-top shots, a new trend in KanJam. Next best was Kim Miller with three, and two Instant Wins were thrown by Tom Iak, Erik Arneth, Dana Misenheimer, and Dustin Schultz. Nine additional players each shot one Instant Win. For Dana, he is now up to 15 total in his league career, only trailing Tim Klavoon by just one for the most Instant Wins in league all-time. Two teams this season threw a total of three Instant Wins in one league night, and they were Erik Arneth & Dustin Schultz (Week 1) and Tom Iak & Trevor Trethewey (Week 2).

Josh Greenauer led the league with 61 overtime games played, followed by Jon Sandino (59), Eric Klavoon (53), Connor Matteson (51), and Evan Sardo (47). Josh and Jon tied with 39 overtime wins, with Eric close behind at 38, and Connor next best with 26. Eric Klavoon was the top player in overtime, posting a .717 overtime winning percentage (38-15). The most overtime games played in one week was by Eric Klavoon & Tim Klavoon, who played in nine overtime games in Week 7. The best performance in overtime was without a doubt on Week 1 by Jon Sandino & Josh Greenauer, who went a perfect 8-0 in overtime. This marks the best overtime record in one single league night, and ties the record at 8 overtime wins in a single league night (Bob Greenauer & Alex Reinecke went 8-3 in overtime games in Season 9, Week 5). The longest game of the season happened on Week 3 in a match between Connor Matteson & Kim Miller and Jon Sandino & Tom Iak. The game went to eight overtime rounds, coming one round shy of tying the league record (9 overtime rounds in a game from Season 4). Jon & Tom won this game by a score of 6-4 in the final round of overtime.

For the first time ever, a five-way shootout was held to break a tie. This occurred on Week 7 with five teams tied at 11-5 for second place. The shootout ultimately went to a third round before Eric Klavoon & Tim Klavoon won. There were also two ties in record for first place. On Week 9, Connor Matteson & Scott Silverman tied with Eric Klavoon & Adam Williams at 13-3, but Connor & Scott won the head-to-head battle to take first. The final week of the season was the craziest, with three teams tied at 12-4 and another three tied at 11-5. It came down to a tiebreaker game, which was won by Connor Matteson & Matt Lafferty in a game against Scott Silverman & Josh Greenauer.

Since it has been a very long time since the last undefeated week, a prize was announced at the beginning of the season for the first team to accomplish this feat, with each player getting their choice of a gift card. While there were some teams that came close, no one was able to do it, which is a sign of just how difficult it is to do considering the talent of players in the league. At the conclusion of this season, it has now been 67 weeks and over six seasons since the last perfect night back on Season 5 (Week 10) when Eric Klavoon & Scott Silverman went 16-0 (2010). There were three pairs that went 15-1, and they all included Jon Sandino. The top performance of the season was in Week 8 when the World Champions got paired up (Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino), going 15-1 with five perfect games. They had the longest streak, going 13-0 before losing their 14th game of the night. The other 15-1 records were by Jon Sandino & Josh Greenauer (Week 1) and Jon Sandino & Bob Greenauer (Week 5).

This was without a question the most successful season to date, setting multiple overall league records in just about every category:

Season: IW PG Games OT Games
01 27 19 772 116
02 31 31 838 137
03 24 33 784 163
04 14 31 848 163
05 20 69 880 203
06 11 67 636 211
07 14 72 872 199
08 22 77 880 224
09 8 83 704 225
10 26 63 952 215
11 32 109 1144 288

Prior to Season 11, the most teams that ever competed in one league night was 12. For this season, there was an average of 13 teams almost every week (26 total players), including the largest league night ever on Week 4 with 15 teams. Also, even with drawing random partners each week, there were a few instances of current and past major tournament teams that got paired up this season:

  • Dorkus Malorkus (Bob Greenauer & Josh Greenauer) - Week 4
  • Don't Bucket Up (Austin Matteson & Connor Matteson) - Week 6
  • The Heroes of Kanton (Adam Williams & TJ Burns) - Week 6
  • Stallion Survivors (Eric Klavoon & Jon Sandino) - Week 8
  • Jamaican Jerks (Bob Greenauer & Scott Silverman) - Week 8
  • What The (Brian Schultz & Derek Schultz) - Week 11

With enough weeks played to qualify, Adam Williams now joins the ranks in the all-time league top 10 list. Also, two players will have a shot next season to join Eric Klavoon, Josh Greenauer, and Bob Greenauer in the 1,000 win club. Dana Misenheimer is 78 wins short of this milestone, and Scott is 106 wins shy. Check out the updated all-time top 10 here.

It would be an understatement to say that this was the most successful season to date, and this can be accounted to the dedication of all league players, week after week. Out of the regular players, 24 of them competed in at least 9 of the 11 total weeks. The league hit over 1,000 KanJam games played for the first time, with a total of 1,144 games played this season. Once again, The Apex has provided a great location for this league, marking the 5th season for the Buffalo, NY KanJam League at their facility. Special thanks goes out again to Erik Arneth for helping coordinate the use of the facility each week.


Wins: Austin Matteson 127
Winning %: Austin Matteson 0.722
Instant Wins: Josh Greenauer
TJ Burns
Trevor Trethewey
Perfect Games: Eric Klavoon
Austin Matteson
OT Games Played: Jon Sandino 61
OT Wins: Jon Sandino
Josh Greenauer
OT Winning %: Eric Klavoon 0.717
First Place Finishes Eric Klavoon
Jon Sandino
Connor Matteson
Bob Greenauer