Individual Stats

Season 12 (2016-2017)

Final Individual Stats updated after 4/1/2017. Click on a player to view their stats by week/partner from this season. You can also click or tap on a column heading once or twice to sort by different categories! On smaller screens (mobile), swipe left to right. Points from the two lowest weeks are not counted in the Overall Standings (Drop Weeks). Only regular league players are listed below (subs excluded, except those that played at least six weeks or more).

Adam Williams

Alex Reinecke

Austin Matteson

Bob Greenauer

Brian Schultz

Chad Cowell

Dana Misenheimer

Derek Brifu

Derek Schultz

Eric Klavoon

Erik Arneth

Evan Sardo

Frank Bishop

Jamar Carroll

Jeff Clemo

Jon Sandino

Josh Greenauer

Kim Klavoon

Kim Miller

Matt Lafferty

Matt Nelson

Nora Daniels

Phil Schneider

RJ Bishop

Sarah Burns

Scott Silverman

Sean McManus

Tim Klavoon

TJ Burns

Trevor Trethewey

Victor Bogado