Week 4

Week 4 - First Place
12-4 record
Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns

12/2/2017 (Season 13)

Eric & TJ take first place

In the last league night of 2017 before the holiday break, Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns took first place at 12-4, beating the second place team of Austin Matteson & Evan Sardo (also 12-4) in head-to-head play. For both Eric and TJ, it is their first top finish this season. In third place was Alex Reinecke & Bob Greenauer with a record of 11-5.

There was a 4-way tie at 9-7 in a battle for 4th place. After looking at head-to-head matchups, Matt Nelson & Scott Silverman were the top team in that group, claiming 4th place. The middle two teams split their series against each other, setting up a tiebreaker game. In the tiebreaker game, Josh Greenauer & Kyle Merrifield beat Connor Matteson & Jeff Clemo to take 5th place. The bottom team in that group was Dana Misenheimer & Jon Sandino, ending the night in 7th place. Jim Daugherty & Kim Klavoon (aka "Slackers") followed the 9-7 teams with an 8-8 record for 8th place. And in another tie, Adam Williams & Matt Lafferty and Jamar Carroll & Tim Klavoon each finished with a record of 6-10. With a series split, this set up another tiebreaker game, this one for 9th place. Adam & Matt L won the tiebreaker in overtime.

Surprisingly, no Instant Wins were thrown at all in Week 4, but there were a few teams that threw perfect games. The top two teams were Eric & TJ and Alex & Bob, each throwing three perfect games. Other teams with perfect games (each with 1) were Austin & Evan, Connor & Jeff, Dana & Jon, and Jamar & Tim.

All 12 teams played in at least one overtime game. Connor & Jeff and Adam & Matt L each played in nine overtime games this week. Top overtime teams were Austin & Evan with a 4-1 overtime record, Eric & TJ (3-1), Alex & Bob (4-2), and of course Chad Cowell & Kim Miller (aka "Show Me Some Leg") with a perfect 1-0 OT record. The longest game of the night was won by Connor & Jeff, defeating Dana & Jon in six overtime rounds, and was a game that ultimately had a direct impact on the standings for the night between these two 9-7 teams. In another tough battle, Josh & Kyle beat Trevor Trethewey & Shane Nelson in a game that went four overtime rounds.

The weekly random prize drawing was won by Bob Greenauer, and he chose a $15 gift card to Subway.

In the overall standings, the race has tightened up, with only five points separating the top three. Connor Matteson remains at the #1 spot with 85 points, followed by Jon Sandino (82) and Eric Klavoon (80). Matt Nelson remains at #4 with 73 points, while Austin Matteson has jumped up to #5, trailing Matt by only two points at 71.

The next league night is Saturday, January 6th, 2018 at 7:30 pm. The event is in Team App, and all players can RSVP to reserve their spot.


PlaceTeamTotal PointsPlacement PointsGames PlayedWLWinning %Instant WinsPerfect GamesOT GamesOT WinsOT Losses
1Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns2412161240.75003431
2Austin Matteson & Evan Sardo2311161240.75001541
3Alex Reinecke & Bob Greenauer2110161150.68803642
4Matt Nelson & Scott Silverman18916970.56200532
5Josh Greenauer & Kyle Merrifield17816970.56200532
6Connor Matteson & Jeff Clemo16716970.56201945
7Dana Misenheimer & Jon Sandino15616970.56201624
8Jim Daugherty & Kim Klavoon13516880.50000532
9Adam Williams & Matt Lafferty104166100.37500936
10Jamar Carroll & Tim Klavoon93166100.37501422
11Chad Cowell & Kim Miller52163130.18800110
12Trevor Trethewey & Shane Nelson31162140.12500505