Week 7

Week 7 - First Place
13-3 record
Alex Reinecke & Jon Sandino

1/27/2018 (Season 13)

Alex and Jon are the top team

In a night featuring some first-time pair-ups, a sea of red shirts, and teams composed of Tims and Kims, the top team was Alex Reinecke & Jon Sandino. They finished the night with a record of 13-3, just edging out the second and third place teams by one win. Josh Greenauer & Austin Matteson and Connor Matteson & Kyle Merrifield, both first-time pair-ups, tied at 12-4, but Josh & Austin swept their opponents in head-to-head play 2-0 to land second place. A total of just four wins separated the top six teams this week, as 4th place was closely behind at 11-5 (Evan Sardo & Scott Silverman), followed by Tim Klavoon & TJ Burns at 10-6 for 5th place.

After announcements, the league took the group photo for this season, which had most players wearing this season's color (red), making for an awesome shot. Then all 12 teams paired off and league play was underway. The top seven teams all threw at least one perfect game; in total, 18 perfect games were thrown this week, which sets a new league record for the most overall in one night by the entire league. This broke the prior record of 17 which was set last season (coincidentally, also on Week 7). Leading the way this week was Josh & Austin, throwing five perfect games, including three in a row at one point, followed by Connor & Kyle with four perfect games. Next up was Eric Klavoon & Phil Schneider who shot three perfect games, also consecutively, with theirs coming in the first three games of the night. Evan & Scott and Matt Nelson & Jeff Clemo each shot two perfect games, followed by Alex & Jon and Tim & TJ, who each shot one perfect game.

2017-2018 Season
Season #13 of the Buffalo, NY KanJam League

There were two Instant Wins thrown in Week 7. Kim Klavoon shot an Instant Win on the first shot of the game against Josh & Austin, marking her second straight week with an Instant Win. Jamar Carroll also threw his second Instant Win of the season, his coming in a game against Bob Greenauer & Adam Williams.

As no surprise, all 12 teams competed in at least two overtime games. Leading the way was Alex & Jon, with half of their games going to overtime (8), and putting up an impressive 7-1 overtime record. Next best was Evan & Scott at 5-1 in overtime games, followed by Connor & Kyle at 4-2. There was a tie for the longest game of the night, as two matches went a total of six overtime rounds. The first was won by Alex & Jon, as they defeated Dana Misenheimer & Adam Williams. The other game was between Connor & Kyle and Eric & Phil. Their game also went to six overtime rounds, with the first five of them all perfect buckets by both teams. Connor & Kyle stayed perfect in overtime through the 6th round to beat Eric & Phil.

At the end of league play, a bunch of players attempted the 8-way bucket challenge. All eight players had to simultaneously throw a disc and then immediately deflect their partner's throw for a bucket. The league accomplished the 6-way bucket challenge in the past, but never 8-way...until now! After about seven minutes and multiple attempts, they finally got it! Fortunately, it was in the highlights video above, along with a crazy, multiple partner deflecting bucket. Can the league do a 10-way bucket? There are four weeks left this season, so only time will tell.

The weekly random prize drawing was won by Phil Schneider, and he chose a $15 gift card to Walmart.

After the conclusion of Week 7, the drop weeks have been added in to the overall standings. As with prior seasons, every player's worst two weeks (points only) are taken out to level the playing field and make it a competitive finish. This also helps those that missed weeks. Leading the way is Connor Matteson at 120 points, holding a six point lead over Jon Sandino (114). The next four players are separated by only three points. Austin Matteson moves up into third place at 104 points, holding just a one point lead over Eric Klavoon (103). Evan Sardo and Josh Greenauer are tied for 5th place, both with 101 points.

The next league night is Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at 7:30 pm. The event is in Team App, and all players can RSVP to reserve their spot.


PlaceTeamTotal PointsPlacement PointsGames PlayedWLWinning %Instant WinsPerfect GamesOT GamesOT WinsOT Losses
1Alex Reinecke & Jon Sandino2512161330.81201871
2Josh Greenauer & Austin Matteson2311161240.75005532
3Connor Matteson & Kyle Merrifield2210161240.75004642
4Evan Sardo & Scott Silverman209161150.68802651
5Tim Klavoon & TJ Burns188161060.62501312
6Eric Klavoon & Phil Schneider16716970.56203523
7Matt Nelson & Jeff Clemo13616790.43802312
8Dana Misenheimer & Adam Williams115166100.37500514
9Chad Cowell & Shane Nelson94165110.31200624
10Matt Lafferty & Trevor Trethewey83165110.31200624
11Bob Greenauer & Jamar Carroll62164120.25010202
12Kim Miller & Kim Klavoon31162140.12510312