Week 1

Week 1 - First Place
14-2 record
Connor Matteson & Shaun Pierce

11/3/2018 (Season 14)

A new season is underway!

The first ever organized KanJam league is back in action in Buffalo, NY, as they open their 14th season! This is a random-draw league, as players are paired up with a different partner each week. For the first time ever, league was held at Sportsplex in North Tonawanda, NY on the soccer field. As per tradition for the opening week, all players picked a random poker chip with a number on it to draw partners. Connor Matteson got paired with newcomer, Shaun Pierce, going 14-2 on the opening night. They tied in record with Austin Matteson & Shane Nelson who also went 14-2, but Connor & Shaun won their head-to-head matchup in double overtime to secure first place.

Here are the totals from the first 13 seasons of the Buffalo, NY KanJam League:

  • Weeks of league - 146
  • Total number of different players that have participated in at least one week - 157
  • Instant Wins thrown - 272
  • Perfect games thrown - 905
  • Overtime games played - 2,806
  • Total number of KanJam games played - 11,422

The league welcomes four new players this season: Jacob Fairbanks, Micah Fairbanks, Connor Pierce, and Shaun Pierce. In total, 30 players comprise the league in its 14th season, including returning players and long-time veterans from when the league started back in 2005 (Eric Klavoon, Dana Misenheimer, Josh Greenauer, Bob Greenauer, Phil Schneider, and Tim Klavoon).

Once again, this season will keep two "Drop Weeks" for each player. This means that each player's worst two weeks in points will be dropped from the Overall Standings by the end of the season. In recent seasons, the second drop week has helped in keeping the league competitive right down to the final week of the season. Last season's top three players were only separated by a total of three points, so it's anyone's guess how this season will shake out.

Josh Greenauer & Scott Silverman (AKA "Kosher Beef") got paired and went 12-4, which landed them 3rd place. There was a three-way tie for 4th place, with the following teams all tied at 11-5: Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns, Kim Miller & Kyle Merrifield, and Evan Sardo & Jon Sandino. Since all three teams split their head-to-head matchups, this set up a three-way tiebreaker "shootout." All three teams had three rounds of throws to score as many points as possible. Eric & TJ and Kim & Kyle each scored 16 points in the shootout. With Evan & Jon scoring 14 points, that dropped them to 6th place overall, while the other two teams battled in extra rounds. Both teams matched perfect buckets twice, before Eric & TJ won in the third extra round to land 4th place overall. Also, in another tie, Bob Greenauer & Tom Iak defeated Jeff Clemo & Connor Pierce in a tiebreaker game for 10th place.

Seven out of 13 teams threw at least one perfect game in the opening night, including one that went to overtime. Leading the charge was Connor M & Shaun with four perfect games, followed by Austin & Shane, Eric & TJ, and Matt Nelson & Alex Reinecke, each throwing three. Josh & Scott and Evan & Jon threw two perfect games, while Matt Lafferty & Dana Misenheimer threw one perfect game. The overtime perfect game was won by Josh & Scott in a game against Austin & Shane. Josh & Scott stayed perfect through three overtime rounds to lock up the victory.

All 13 teams played in at least one overtime game. Austin & Shane played in the most, going to overtime in seven of their 16 total games, posting a 5-2 record in overtime. Other top mentions include Connor M & Shaun (4-0), Evan & Jon (3-0), Kim & Kyle (4-1), and Josh & Scott (3-1).

The weekly random prize was won by Josh Greenauer, and he chose a $15 gift card to Applebees.

The next league night is Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at 7:30 pm at The Apex. The event is in Team App, and all players can RSVP to reserve their spot.


PlaceTeamTotal PointsPlacement PointsGames PlayedWLWinning %Instant WinsPerfect GamesOT GamesOT WinsOT Losses
1Connor Matteson & Shaun Pierce2713161420.87504440
2Austin Matteson & Shane Nelson2612161420.87513752
3Josh Greenauer & Scott Silverman2311161240.75002431
4Eric Klavoon & TJ Burns2110161150.68803312
5Kim Miller & Kyle Merrifield209161150.68800541
6Evan Sardo & Jon Sandino198161150.68802330
7Matt Nelson & Alex Reinecke16716970.56203413
8Matt Lafferty & Dana Misenheimer116165110.31201101
9Jacob Fairbanks & Micah Fairbanks105165110.31200202
10Bob Greenauer & Tom Iak84164120.25000505
11Jeff Clemo & Connor Pierce73164120.25000312
12Phil Schneider & Derek Schultz62164120.25000422
13Brian Schultz & Chad Cowell11160160.00000303