Week 3

Week 3 - First Place
13-3 record
Connor Pierce & Matt Lafferty

12/1/2018 (Season 14)

Connor & Matt take first place

Through the first three weeks of this season, there have been six different players claiming a first place finish, with no repeats yet in the top spot. Landing first place in Week 3 was Connor Pierce & Matt Lafferty. For Connor, it is his first ever top finish in league. They went 13-3, finishing ahead of three teams at 11-5 in a battle for second. In that group, Phil Schneider & Austin Matteson beat their opponents 2-0 in head-to-head play, securing 2nd place, followed by Jacob Fairbanks & Josh Greenauer in 3rd place (1-1 against other teams in tie), and Jeff Clemo & Connor Matteson in 4th place (0-2 in head-to-head play).

Other ties included Scott Silverman & Shaun Pierce and Eric Klavoon & Trevor Tretheway, with both teams at 9-7. Scott & Shaun beat Eric & Trevor in head-to-head play to land 5th place. And in another tie was three teams at 8-8: Chad Cowell & Alex Reinecke (aka "ChAlex"), Dana Misenheimer & TJ Burns, and Bob Greenauer & Tim Klavoon. Once again, the tie was broke by head-to-head play, so no tiebreakers were needed. Chad & Alex were the top team in that group, beating their counterparts 2-0 to land 7th place, followed by Dana & TJ (8th) and Bob & Tim (9th).

There was one Instant Win thrown this week, and it was by Jon Sandino in a game against Adam Williams & Kyle Merrifield. After trailing in a game 21-10, Jon threw a slot in the final round to steal the victory for him and Micah Fairbanks.

A total of six teams threw perfect games. Leading the way was Connor P & Matt L and Chad & Alex, each throwing three perfect games. Jeff & Connor M threw two perfect games, while the following teams each threw one: Phil & Austin, Scott & Shaun, and Bob & Tim.

All 13 teams played in at least two overtime games. Leading was Eric & Trevor with 8 overtime games played, followed by Bob & Tim and Adam & Kyle, each with seven overtime games. Jacob & Josh posted the best overtime record from this week, going 4-1 in overtime games. In true competitive fashion, many of the overtime games went to multiple rounds, including a bunch of triple overtime games, but the longest of the night took five overtime rounds to decide the winner. This game was won by Adam & Kyle in a game against Bob & Tim.

The weekly random prize drawing was won by TJ Burns, and he chose a $15 gift card to Fandango.

Worth mentioning: There were a bunch of odd plays that happened this week. One included a slam by Adam in a triple overtime game. The disc spun around in the goal multiple times, and eventually came back out the top as the force from the slam caused the goal to fall over in the process. In another play, Bob Greenauer made a very far deflection into the goal, and the disc then spun around and came out the slot. A very great play, but resulted in one point (like the above scenario). This is what makes KanJam so great - you just never know what you're going to see!

In the overall standings, the 2018 KanJam World Champions, Matteson Brothers, sit at #1 and #2 overall. Connor leads with 72 points, followed by Austin with 64 points. Scott Silverman stays strong in the top five, sitting in 3rd place overall with 62 points. And in the battle for the last two spots in the top five, Alex Reinecke (4th place) has 57 points, followed by Matt Lafferty (5th place) with 55 points.

The next league night is Saturday, December 8th, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Sportsplex in North Tonawanda (please note the earlier start time and different location). The event is in Team App, and all players can RSVP to reserve their spot.


PlaceTeamTotal PointsPlacement PointsGames PlayedWLWinning %Instant WinsPerfect GamesOT GamesOT WinsOT Losses
1Connor Pierce & Matt Lafferty2613161330.81203312
2Phil Schneider & Austin Matteson2312161150.68801633
3Jacob Fairbanks & Josh Greenauer2211161150.68800541
4Jeff Clemo & Connor Matteson2110161150.68802220
5Scott Silverman & Shaun Pierce18916970.56201431
6Eric Klavoon & Trevor Trethewey17816970.56200853
7Chad Cowell & Alex Reinecke15716880.50003532
8Dana Misenheimer & TJ Burns14616880.50000642
9Bob Greenauer & Tim Klavoon13516880.50001734
10Adam Williams & Kyle Merrifield104166100.37500734
11Jon Sandino & Micah Fairbanks73164120.25010404
12Tom Iak & Shane Nelson52163130.18800303
13Kim Miller & Kim Klavoon41163130.18800202