Live updates from the 2014 KanJam Klassic

Well, today is the big day! The 11th annual KanJam Klassic will kick off later today. Right now, there is a field of 18 competitive teams looking to get their shot at the Klassic title.

Updates from the tournament will be posted here! Stay tuned...

UPDATE: 19 teams competed in the 2014 KanJam Klassic. In the end, it was Stallion Survivors who took home the title as new Champions, including an epic comeback after being down 3-0 to More Like Kan't Jam in the Semifinals.

The top four "BYE" teams from the Regular Season were:

1. Stallion Survivors: 18-1
2. No Big Deal: 17-2
3. The Hammer Bros: 16-3
4. More Like Kan't Jam: 15-4

More to come...