2018 KanJam World Championship


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It's anyone's game, but there can only be one champion! Do you have what it takes?

The 2018 KanJam World Championship is a Drug and Alcohol-Free Event hosted by KanJam (www.kanjam.com) and is an offical KanJam tournament! KanJam looks forward to seeing you at the biggest KanJam day of the year in a healthy drug-and-alcohol free atmosphere. This tournament attracts approximately 100+ teams from near and far for a shot at the coveted title.


Tournament Details

  • DATE: Saturday, August 11th, 2018
  • TIME: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Team check-in is from 8:15 am to 8:45 am)
  • PLACE: Gratwick Hose Volunteer Fire Company Picnic Grounds in North Tonawanda, NY (outdoor)
  • COST: $60 per team (by July 15th), or $70 per team (after July 15th)
  • DEADLINE: Registration ends July 31st, 2018 or once 120 teams have registered, whichever comes first
  • CHARITIES: Proceeds benefit North Tonawanda Police Athletic League, Food Bank of WNY, Buffalo RACIN, and #LipsitzStrong
  • PRIZES: $1,000 cash prize for the 2018 KanJam World Champions, along with hammer trophies, medals, and more for top teams.
  • WEATHER: Rain or shine! Come prepared for any conditions!











Registered Teams

Maps to Gratwick Hose Picnic Grounds

110 Ward Rd
North Tonawanda, NY 14120

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Team Registration

Deadline is 7/31/2018 or 120 teams, whichever comes first

Register Now!

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Online registration can be completed with a credit/debit card by clicking on the button above. Payments are processed securely and Player 1 will receive email confirmation along with the tournament details after submitting. Registered teams will also be posted at the bottom of this page. Please keep all team names clean to avoid any edits. Multiple teams can be registered.

Total Teams Registered:

For teams that are registered, should any last minute changes need to be made (changing a team name, editing partner's info, etc), you can log in to make the change by clicking on the MANAGE MY ACCOUNT link above. This will only be available until 8/2/2018, to allow the organizers time to prepare items for the tournament. If you have any issues, just reply to the registration email you were sent so we can help.



Included with the team registration fee:

• Entry into the tournament for your team
• All day KanJam and chance to compete with the best teams in the game
• An official KanJam World Championship T-shirt for each player
• Food and drink tickets for each player
• Donation to charities (see list of supported charities below)
• Chance to become official KanJam World Champions!

The winners will be recognized as official KanJam World Champions and will be added to the official World Championship trophy. As per tradition, the winning team will win their own "hammer trophy" to keep, as well as other prizes (listed below).


World Champions

  • (2) Hammer Trophies
  • (2) Medals
  • (1) Team plaque to go on official KanJam World Championship trophy
  • (2) KanJam custom World Championship Game Sets
  • $1,000 cash


  • (2) Mallet Trophies
  • (2) Medals
  • (2) KanJam Glow Sets
  • (2) $125 gift cards

3rd and 4th Place (per team)

  • (2) Medals
  • (2) $75 gift cards



Proceeds from the 2018 KanJam World Championship will benefit the following:

North Tonawanda Police Athletic League

Provides two $500 scholarships annually to high school seniors and donations for school-related extracurricular functions. They support organizations and activities that encourage youth participation in sports, music, and academics. The North Tonawanda Police Athletic League has been a major contributer in the KanJam World Championship for 15 years.

Food Bank of WNY

Distributes food to charitable programs that feed the needy. For more information, visit their site at foodbankwny.org.

Buffalo RACIN

Supplies sport wheelchairs and push chairs to people with disabilities for racing and fundraising events. For more information, visit their site at buffaloracin.org.


Assists in the awareness of Esophageal Cancer.

North Tonawanda P.A.L.

Food Bank of WNY

Buffalo Racin


We need your help! In order to run a successful event, there are costs involved. This includes rental fees, registration processing fees, prizes, team giveaways, food, and drinks. With your help, we will be able to offset these costs and ultimately raise more money for these causes. We will post sponsor logos and link to a website here, as well as include your company logo on a banner at the tournament. The deadline to become a sponsor is July 31st, 2018. Click on the link below to find out more on how to be a proud supporter of the 2018 KanJam World Championship!

Become a sponsor

Team Check-In

Team check-in is from 8:15 am to 8:45 am. All participating teams will need to be checked-in prior to 8:45 am when announcements begin. Once you have arrived, please find your team name posted on the back wall of the Grill area and stand in the corresponding line for your Conference. Teams should check-in at the registration table before warming-up.

Tournament Format

One of the great aspects of this tournament is that this is not a simple bracket. All teams will get to play at least 20+ games of KanJam in Regular Season play. Depending on the total number of teams, the overall field will be broken up into four divisions. If there are 100 total teams, for example, that would mean 25 teams per division. This would equate to 24 Regular Season games for each team.

For those that have not participated in the KanJam World Championship in the past, here is the format that will most likely be followed (subject to change based on the total number of teams):

Regular Season

• All teams will be randomly placed into one of two conferences - Each conference is composed of two divisions - In total, there are four divisions.

• Once all teams have checked in and received their gear and team folders, the tournament rules and format will be discussed. The tournament will follow the official KanJam rules. Teams are responsible for being familiar with the rules, as there will not be enough time to go over every single rule prior to the start of the tournament.

• The field of play will be separated into sections, one for each division. Teams will play games against teams in their division only in the "Regular Season Scramble."

• Once the Regular Season has ended, teams will be ranked on a basis of total wins. The top 8, 12, or 16 teams (TBD based on total number of teams) will qualify for the playoffs.




• The top seed will play the bottom seed throughout the playoffs in "best-of" series. All playoffs games will be played to 21 points. If 12 teams qualify for the playoffs, then the top four teams from each division will receive a "bye" for the first round.

• Playoff series will also be determined based on the total number of teams and time restraints. For example, the first round could be best of 5 or 7 game series.

• Playoff rounds continue until there is a winner for each division (Division Champs).

• The two Divisional Champs in each conference will play each other until one remains from each conference (Conference Champs).

• The two Conference Champs will play each other in the Finals to crown the 2018 KanJam World Champions.

Tournament Rules

Since this is a major KanJam tournament, we will follow all the official KanJam rules. There will not be printed copies of tournament and official rules for every team, which will reduce our printing cost in effort to raise more money for charity. Instead, we have made a handy, mobile-friendly digital Tournament Guide, which includes all tournament rules, as well as the full list of official KanJam rules. To make it easy to find a rule, you can just click on a button which will take you right to that section! This page has been customized to work on any mobile device. Just save the link for use at the tournament. The direct link is kanjamleague.com/2018 or you can click on the screenshot.

Also, because there have been some key changes to the official KanJam rules since they were first written (especially the Release Rule), we also included a list at the bottom of all the changes made. All the official rules listed on this page are up-to-date, so players will have easy access to every possible ruling in one location. We encourage all teams participating in the tournament to review the rules in this guide beforehand so that everyone is on the same page and familiar with them.

Tournament Guide

Also, since this is a alcohol-free event, all players, spectators, and volunteers must refrain from bringing alcohol to the tournament. There will be referees to enforce all tournament rules, including release rule violations, illegal deflections (carries), and the alcohol/drug policy.


For those traveling from out of town and need somewhere to stay, check out Anchor Motel, which is only 3 minutes (1.9 miles) from the tournament site. Many out of town teams already stay here, and is a perfect place to meet up with other jammers! They offer:

• Free WiFi and private yards (perfect for some KanJam practice!)
• BBQ grills on-site
• Outdoor pool
• Free continental breakfast
• Flat-screen TVs with satellite channels
• Refrigerator/microwave
• Located right on the Niagara River with fantastic scenic views

Visit www.anchormotelusa.com for more info and to book. Rooms are limited, so don't wait!

Anchor Motel

Here are some more locations in the area:

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Registered Teams

Teams listed below are fully paid and registered for the tournament. For a full list (including player names, city, state/province, and country), please click on the full list button.

Total Teams Registered:

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