2020 World Championship

2020 KanJam World Championship


6/25/2020: KanJam World Championship canceled

This page outlines the plan put forth by KanJam League to run a COVID-19 safe event. While we won’t be having this tournament on August 8th as we planned, we wanted to show that we did make every effort possible to make it happen, it just wasn’t meant to be.

EastPoint Sports, now the owners of KanJam, have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 KanJam World Championship planned for August 8th due to the recent rise of COVID-19 cases across the country. While it’s not the outcome we had hoped for, we understand and stand by this decision. We are also in agreement to make this tournament bigger and better than ever next year.

As a no-contact, no defense sport, we believe KanJam is one of the safest sports out there. We still encourage everyone to get out there and jam while practicing social distancing. We hope everyone will stay safe during these unprecedented times.

We understand that many of you will be disappointed, as we are, with this latest development. Please reach out to Gregg via email below with any questions.

6/18/2020: Venue approved, passes NY State Guidelines.


6/17/2020: New York has entered Phase 3, and we are just now waiting to hear back from the venue and health department on what capacity limits there will be. We hope to have an announcement soon, and we’re targeting August 8th. More to come!


6/2/2020: Our dream team crew had a meeting and we are putting a plan together. We are still waiting to see what capacity and date we can lock in. As soon as we have it, we will update this page with more details. We will of course be following all state guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy event.


5/6/2020: Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, we made the decision to postpone the 2020 KanJam World Championship for the time being until we have a plan in place.


At this point, date and location is unknown. While we’d love to keep the tradition of having an August tournament, we will need to wait until we get closer to make a decision on an actual date and venue.


One thing we have decided is that the tournament will no longer take place in Richmond, VA this year. This was a tough decision as we already had several months of planning into what was going to be a fantastic weekend, but the reality is we would not be successful in pulling off a tournament of this caliber in a different location in 2020. We apologize to those that did already make plans for it, but we do plan on Richmond for 2021. If we are to have any tournament this year, it will need to come together very quickly, and this will need to be in Buffalo, NY where a majority of our staff, players, and community are located.

Without a question, the KanJam World Championship tournament is the premiere KanJam event of the year and has been running strong for over 20 years. It is an event many KanJam players look forward to every year.

After coordination with the venue, health department, and volunteer staff, we are pleased to announce we have put together a plan to hold the tournament this year. Our #1 priority is player and staff safety, and we wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t have a detailed plan to put on a safe event. All plans are outlined on this page.

We like to think of this year’s tournament as a “Social Distancing Picnic in the Park with KanJam.”

2020 KanJam World Championship - Social Distancing Picnic in the Park with KanJam


DATE:  Saturday, August 8th, 2020
TIME:  9:00 am to 4:30 pm (may end sooner)
PLACE:  Gratwick Hose Volunteer Picnic Grounds in North Tonawanda, NY (outdoor)
COST:  $45 per team
REFUNDS:  Yes, given the situation this year, we will honor refund requests submitted until the day of the tournament.
DEADLINE:  Last day to register is 7/31/2020 or once 68 teams has been reached, whichever comes first.
WEATHER:  Rain or shine! Come prepared for any conditions.

2020 KanJam World Championship Logo
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In order to pull off this tournament in 2020, we had to scale back from what we normally do to ensure a safe event. We still kept many of the long-standing traditions in place, such as a Regular Season and Playoffs format, but we did make modifications to our normal structure. Tap on each button below to read more:

Think of this as simply a social distancing picnic in the park with KanJam. That’s essentially what it will be. We will just be crowning a 2020 KanJam World Champion at the end of it. KanJam is one of the safest games to play, because there is only ever one team on a court at a time, and even then, teammates are separated by a distance of 50 ft!


All attendees will be required to practice a safe social distance of at least 6 ft at all times throughout the event. We're all used to this by now, but we just want to be clear of this expectation.

All players and staff must bring a mask or neckie to the tournament. Because everyone is so separate in terms of playing, players do not necessarily have to wear masks while playing. However, for any walking around to any common areas (bathroom, pavilion, check-in table, etc), it will be required to have a mask or neckie covering your mouth and nose in the event the 6 ft distance cannot be maintained.

We know this one is tough since we normally include lunch, but we will not provide food or drink this year. Instead, we have significantly reduced the base team registration fee and players will be responsible for bringing their own cooler, drinks, and food. Come prepared! Pack a picnic for yourself.


This will eliminate unnecessary lines, crowding of players, handing off food, and will be an overall safer approach. Even if we wanted to implement lunch, we wouldn't be able to as the venue's kitchen cannot be opened yet; we are simply using the park, pavilion, and bathrooms.

The picnic tables in the main pavilion will be moved and spaced out to ensure at least 6 or more feet distance between them. Some of them will be placed out in the grass area since they will not all fit under the pavilion with spacing.


Only 2-4 people allowed by table. Players encouraged to bring their own folding chairs, as there are about 30 tables or so.

We'll work with the venue (Gratwick) to ensure the bathrooms are cleaned. There is a separate men's and women's bathroom. We'll allow only 1 person in each bathroom at a time.

We'll have 2 sanitize pumps in each division (8 total). Players encouraged to bring their own hand sanitize bottles as well.

We will not have a large gathering in the pavilion. Teams will check-in, report, and practice/play all games in their own division areas.


Team captains will be contacted prior to the tournament with a breakdown of division assignments and a map of where they will report to on game day.

We will still have an overall tournament MC, but this person will mainly control music and announce reminders. They will be the only one allowed to use the microphone throughout the day.


Most announcements will be communicated by referees in each division.

There are 4 referees confirmed, and each will run their own division tournament from start to finish until a total of 4 teams are left for Final 4 matches.


Referees will manage their group of no more than 17 teams. This keeps each area of the park to a max of 35 people, including the referee.

We will have garbage and recycling cans placed throughout the park. To take it a step further, these will be open top so there is no handle to lift.


Players will be encouraged to bring their own garbage bags. Players can then dispose of their bags into the open top cans to avoid multiple trips.

Each team will be provided with 2 brand new yellow KanJam flying discs.


In the past, we had a universal disc at each court. This year, to avoid unnecessary contact, each team will use their own disc in games, instead of passing discs around to other teams.

We normally average 90-100 teams per year. Although there is no set limit for this venue for an outdoor event in NY Stage 4 in August, we have decided to limit the field to a max of 68 teams.


Why 68? It's all based on numbers. The plan is to limit the total number of players in any given area of the park, and to have a more reasonable amount of Regular Season games to reduce the total time for the tournament.

All individuals attending will be required to agree and sign both a participation and COVID-19 waiver before registering for tournament.


Anyone who has COVID-19, is exhibiting common symptoms of COVID-19, is ill, or is in direct contact with someone with COVID-19, must not participate.


Anyone who is in a high-risk category as noted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, or similar country-specific agencies should not participate.

Courts are normally 15 feet apart already, but with less teams, this allows us to space out the courts even further.

All teams must pay for registration fees and apparel electronically prior to the tournament. We will not accept any walk-up payments of any kind.

Generally, this is already the case with the deadline, but we want to put this expectation out there.

Only players, volunteer staff/media are allowed at the event, no exceptions. Everyone that attends, regardless of role, will need to sign waivers, so we cannot open it up to spectators, friends, family, or fans unless they are part of the volunteer staff that helps run the tournament.


This one hurts no doubt, but if we didn't impose this rule we could very easily double our numbers. There is already precedent in other sports of no fans, so we are keeping with that model. However, we are trying to implement ways for friends, family, and fans to follow the progress of the tournament.

We realize that a huge tradition of the tournament is camaraderie and sportsmanship, but safety is #1 priority! Teams can wave after completion of a game from a safe distance.

We are still working on this one, so it's still TBD on which way we will go. Scoring will be one of 2 methods:

  • Team captain will fill out Regular Season results on a paper scoresheet and drop into a bin after they are done with all their games.
  • Team captain will download an app on their phone, sign in, and enter results immediately after each game, and only if they win. Standings updated in the app in real-time.

Exact format will be communicated to team captains along with division assignments at a later date.

Instead of a free-for-all for Regular Season, we may implement a set schedule for games by numbering courts, making it all that more important that teams arrive on time.


This will also be communicated to team captains once we can figure out what option will be the easiest for both players and staff. If an app is implemented, it will display individual team schedules.

The teams that qualify for the playoffs will be announced by referees in each division, along with matchups for each round.


If the app is implemented, playoff schedule will be in the app for players instead.

We will not have a physical playoff bracket to view in the pavilion like years past, be it a TV or board. This will prevent unnecessary crowding to see game matches. Instead, playoff brackets will be available in the app (if implemented) or the referees will track results and communicate who plays who for the playoffs.


If there is no app, we will not have scoresheets for playoffs. The winning team captain will simply need to report series results to their referee.

We are following what other events are doing right now (such as disc golf), and we will not hold an awards ceremony. Top players will collect their trophies/medals and have photos taken one at a time, and that's it.


Unfortunately, we will not conduct any group photos, but we still plan on recording some video throughout the day and playoffs.

KanJam World Championship

We will follow and abide by all New York State guidelines for holding this event, and all participants (players, volunteers, media) will abide by state guidelines as well.

In New York State, specifically in Niagara County where the tournament will be held, KanJam falls under lower-risk sports. Their guidelines specifically list flying disc games under this category, and since there are no traveling events (our tournament is held at one location), we are cleared by these guidelines.

A link to New York’s guidelines are below for those interested:


All individuals attending will be required to agree and sign both a participation and COVID-19 waiver before registering for tournament. A copy of each waiver can be viewed below.

We are fortunate that KanJam is a non-contact sport with no defense, and we look forward to holding a fun and safe event.



Since we will be keeping the tournament simple this year and will be providing less, we have lowered the price to just $45 per team, which will cover our basic tournament expenses, trophies, and prize money.


  • JULY 10th: Last day to purchase tournament apparel and finalize custom team jerseys
  • JULY 31st: Last day to register a team
  • AUGUST 8th: Last day to request a refund

Because of the quick timing of everything, teams should act fast and register as soon as possible. TOURNAMENT ENTRY IS LIMITED TO A MAX OF ONLY 68 TEAMS.

COST: $45 per team, which includes:

  • Entry into the tournament for your team
  • Chance to compete against the best teams in the game
  • 2 brand new yellow official KanJam discs: These will be used in game matches by your team only, and players can keep them after the tournament

*It should be noted that unlike in years past, food/drink and shirts are not included in the cost of registration. Apparel will be sold at a reduced rate as a separate cost, and we upgraded to high quality performance jerseys this year!


Total number of registrants:

Updated as of: April 16, 2021 6:20 am


In our partnership with Savage Apparel, we have some awesome add-ons available. Please act fast – ALL APPAREL ORDERS NEED TO BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN JULY 10th!

Savage 2020 Tournament Jersey

2020 KanJam World Championship Savage Performance Jersey

Team registration DOES NOT include shirts this year; however, we did upgrade to a high-quality performance jersey (sweat-wicking fabric), so these will be very comfortable and great for the summer! Each jersey will include the 2020 KanJam World Championship Logo on a navy jersey!

Custom Team KanJam Jerseys

Custom KanJam team Savage Performance Jersey Kit

If you don’t already have custom Savage team jerseys, you need these! This is a custom KanJam jersey kit for your team. Each team kit includes 2 high-quality, performance sweat-wicking jerseys, one for each player. These are semi-custom designs; you can include your own team logo/text, player name, and number (if you want) on the jersey. Upon purchase, you will be required to contact Savage Apparel to work with them on a design so they can have them done in time for the tournament. More details will be provided in email confirmation.

With 10 years in the customizable apparel business, Savage provides quality products, on-time delivery, easy ordering processes, and strong customer service. Check out their website at: https://savageultimate.com


Since this is a major tournament, there will be payouts available to the top four teams, in addition to trophies and medals. Payouts will be done on a percentage scale based on leftover balance after tournament costs. Exact payouts will be announced at the tournament.

  • (2) Hammer trophies
  • (2) Medals
  • (1) Team plaque to go on official KanJam World Championship trophy
  • 1st place tier cash payout
  • (2) Smaller sledgehammer trophies
  • (2) Medals
  • 2nd place tier cash payout
  • (2) Medals
  • 3rd place tier cash payout
  • (2) Medals
  • 4th place tier cash payout


1. Cooler + Food/Drink:
***THIS ONE GETS EXTRA ATTENTION BECAUSE OF A MAJOR CHANGE*** – In past years, we have provided food and drink for lunch as part of registration. In attempt to be as safe as possible and also due to the kitchen not being open, we will NOT provide any food or drink this year. Therefore, all players are encouraged to come prepared with their own food and drink for the day. It’s a social distancing picnic in the park with KanJam! COME PREPARED! Pack a cooler with any non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, and food to last the day.

2. Mask/Neckie:
Every person attending is required to have a mask or neckie to cover their face. While this does not necessarily mean you will need to wear while playing games (as only one person is on each end of the court at a time), for any walking around we ask everyone to have a mask or neckie on covering their face.

3. Sanitizer: We highly recommend every person bring their own small hand bottle of sanitizer to use frequently throughout the day. We will have 2 sanitizer pumps in each division, but having your own bottle with you will be more convenient and avoid any unnecessary groups.

4. Garbage Bags: We will have open top garbage cans placed around the park, but teams should bring their own garbage bags to place all their garbage in to keep the park clean. Bags can then be disposed of into one of the open top garbage cans. This will avoid having to make several unnecessary trips throw items out.

5. Folding chairs: Most of you already bring these, but this will be extra important this year. Tables in the main pavilion will be spread out to ensure proper distancing with some out in the grass. There will be a limit of 2-4 people per table. Since there are a limited number of tables, all players are encouraged to bring their own folding chairs.

What to bring

6. Fully charged smartphone: ***POTENTIAL CHANGE*** – We are working to eliminate all paper scoring and the physical bracket in place of a mobile app. Team captains will be contacted at a later date with instructions if this is implemented. Even if we do not implement this in time, all KanJam rules will be on our website rather than printed, so having a smartphone will allow access to this information.

7. Battery backup: Not required, but if you have one, bring a battery backup for your phone to keep it charged throughout the day.

8. Attire: Since this is a rain or shine event, please come prepared for any weather! Having a towel is always handy in case it rains. As always, we encourage team uniforms which can be purchased through our partner Savage Apparel before the apparel deadline.


All players are responsible for being familiar with all the Official KanJam Rules prior to the tournament. We will not be congregating in the pavilion to go over them, so regardless of how long you have been playing, please read over the rules to brush up on them. There is a section for Rule Changes to see any prior updates.



All teams should plan on arriving between 9:00-9:25 am, and all teams must be checked in no later than 9:30 am in order to participate, as we may implement a set schedule for games. To avoid unnecessary milling around, we ask that only volunteer staff arrive prior to 9:00 am for setup. Rather than have all teams gather in the main pavilion upon arrival, teams will immediately report to and check-in at their assigned division area in effort to keep teams separated into smaller groups. This is also where you will pick up your team discs.

9:00 AM to 9:30 AM


Teams will spread out in a safe distance while referees go over any last minute items or questions before beginning the Regular Season.

9:30 AM


Teams will start playing Regular Season games. Play every team in your division one game (approx 16 games, depending on total number of teams). Since we may implement a set schedule for games (TBD), teams will play opponents in a set order on assigned courts. This is a work-in-progress, so we will communicate exact format at a later date to team captains. The latest time the Regular Season will start is 9:45 am.

9:30 AM to 9:45 AM


Since each division tournament will be playing at their own pace, they may each end at different times, but the latest the Regular Season will end will be 12:15 pm.

12:00 PM to 12:15 PM


All teams and staff will break for lunch. ***Remember, everyone attending is responsible for bringing their own food/drink for the day as we will not be providing any this year. More on what to bring in the sections that follow.

12:15 PM to 1:00 PM


Referees will announce playoff teams.

1:00 PM


Each round of the playoffs should not take more than 30 minutes, with some rounds going quicker, so this is just an estimate. Divisions will compete in playoffs at their own pace just like the Regular Season. Normally, there are 6 rounds of playoffs total. This means playoffs could be done as soon as 4:00 pm, but this will depend on other factors such as weather and tiebreakers. The plan is to have a World Champion by 4:30 pm, though there's a good possibility it will be sooner.

1:00 PM to 4:30 PM