KanJam played by law enforcement

Mentioned at FBI National Academy Commencement Address

A huge KanJam fan brought KanJam to his class 276 session of the FBI National Academy at Quantico, VA. There were 256 students, representing law enforcement from 49 states and 35 international students. The “Grove” was the perfect spot to set up the first game as the pavilion allowed play during the night and bad weather.

The games started small as most of the class had never heard of KanJam. By the end of the 10 week session, three more sets were purchased and tournaments were a regular event each night. KanJam was such a huge hit it was mentioned in the National Academy graduation with Attorney General William Barr & FBI Director Christopher Wray in attendance (check out the video). A set was left at the FBI Academy in hopes the tradition will last. KanJam brought hundreds of local, state, federal and international law enforcement closer together!

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