World Championship


The game of KanJam evolved from a group of guys playing a garbage can flying disc game in the 80’s and 90’s. In 1990, just a handful of teams competed in the first ever World Championship tournament.

Today, about 100 teams on average compete every year in the KanJam World Championship. This tournament is a day-long event that historically takes place on the second Saturday in August. This is an outdoor tournament, hosted by KanJam. The winning team is crowned as the official KanJam World Champions and have their name etched onto the “Hammer” Championship trophy.

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In KanJam, having the last throw is called having “The Hammer,” which is similar to last at-bats in baseball. When the tournament started, a sledgehammer was the trophy. The winning team took home the hammer trophy and carved their team name onto the handle. After the 2009 KanJam World Championship, both sides of the handle were full, and the hammer was mounted to a permanent trophy, where future champions get a team plaque, as well as their own individual hammer trophies to keep.

The World Championship has a great history, starting in 1990 as the Garbage Can Disc World Championship, and evolving into the KanJam World Championship in 1999. Over the years, there have been many great teams and players. These legends have led the charge for KanJam as a competitive sport. Check out the sections below.

The KanJam World Championship golden Hammer